Two creative years have passed

Two creative years have passed

Its been two years since the last post and the missing highlights include:

Our favourite project during 2017 was Minds Together. Mindstogether; Silverdale Primary Academy’s Minds Together programme is about how primary age children experience health & well-being issues and their ability to communicate their fears, stresses and how they might develop methods for coping. Collaborative project between Silverdale Primary Academy, People in IT & Cuspinc funded by The Bedgebury Foundation. Summer 2017.

Young people looking at graffiti
“Hastings Creative Summer” Design workshop
We happily remained in the Hastings area and were project partners in MSL Digital’s “Hastings Creative Summer” in 2018. We worked with an amazing array of creatives and young people who produced top quality work.

In 2018 we also congratulated Jon who gained his Masters of the Arts: Digital from Sussex University and is now working for an international organization.

Donna is on the final module for her Masters in Technology Management and is hoping to begin a PhD in 2020. Donna’s research builds on the great work done by People in IT and will hopefully expand practice into strategy and policy work. Donna will be carrying out overseas research into knowledge management within the school curriculum.

People in IT is now a self-employed entity, so the same great creativity and events can continue. Get in contact to discuss educational technology projects you’d like People in IT to be a part of. Twitter: @peoplein_it