Sonic Pi Summit – Cambridge 2014

I was excited about attending the Sonic Pi Summit, after meeting Dr Sam Aaron and the great Maker Space community at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

This is a quick list of highlights or what I would have tweeted, but was busy making notes. The Sonic Pi project have created real tools to be used in informal learning spaces and the classroom. Bookmark The Sonic Pi Toolkit and excite your students.

My highlights:

  • Project was/is about transforming music education
  • Sam Aaron: arts led has given Sam space and freedom to develop project in a much different way to engineering led. He projected Sonic Pi onto the walls at home whilst developing.
  • Dr Pam Burnard highlighted
    • 4 papers published already another 6 papers to come
    • The project had developed a community of practice and a  community of learning
    • There is a Pedagogy of risk being written
    • Project created new roles for non teaching staff: in the new ‘participatory’ culture
  • Beverly Jones Headteacher stated:
    • Schools should be “gazeatorium”
    • Headteachers must hold onto risk taking in the face of government targets.
    • Great value in students meeting range of inspirational adults.
  • The project delivery of the Arts Award was pre-embedded by training artists Juneau at beginning of project.