Open-Dyslexic Font

Good Grief, I cannot believe it’s been an entire year since my last post.  I’ve had great opportunities, met fabulous people, returned to the chalk face, spoken at two Brighton TeachMeets, been part of Guardian & Google panels and worked with industry & teaching professionals on joint school projects.  I’ll summarise all the excitement in my next post.

Today however, I want to support the wider use of Open-Dyslexic Font.  The font was created by Abelardo Gonzalez (@Antijingoist) featured in articles by BBC, Huffington Post and Instagram. I’ve been mulling over finding and using this font since October when @AnnalisaManca highlighted the story on twitter.

My daughter has an assignment due this week and I wanted to share the font and link with her.  I realised that as a lightweight techie she would not be able to download and install the files without help.  Therefore, I have created an Installing Open Dyslexia Font help sheet.  Please feel free to share the resource, visit  and support Aberlardo’s work.