Level Up – Micro Taster

Level Up – Micro Taster

Level Up will give you a taste of the skills required by the Creative Industries by working in a team and presenting ideas for a media campaign for a client

Brighton Digital Festival & Our Future City present Level Up.

Each of the 180+ events of Brighton Digital Festival requires publicity, both traditional hard copy (flyers and posters) and digitally (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram). Your client will be one of the #BDF16 event producers who requires help with publicity for their event.

During the day long workshop you will meet the client, understand what they need, be supported by the workshop leaders to create an appropriate campaign which you will present to the client at the end of the day.

Workshop Programme:

Introduction to Brighton Digital Festival

Activity: Skills Card Sort, what skills do Employers value?

Creative Skills presentation ncs_sunday_workshops_julaug2016new-1

Meet the Client, via Skype

Activity: Creating and launching a mixed media campaign.

Workshop Close: Visiting other Brighton Digital Festival events 22 September 2016 & 29 September 2016

Level Up was created by Donna Comerford