Joining the Dots @SheCodesBTN

Monday evening saw me joining the lineup of fabulous presenters at @wespringforward event @SheCodes. Produced by women who code, for all in the Brighton digital community. An incredible array of professionals from a range of disciplines within the creative and digital industry.

The topics spanned cross platform app development, android development, Ruby, Python & Django, Web accessiblity, Web Typography, Java, Computer Forensics & Arduinos, open data and Lego. Jaw dropping!

I told them that we need them in the classroom. They don’t have to give up their ergonomic chairs and Macbook Pro (for a £24.99 office chair), just make a 10 minute YouTube video or Skype classroom session about what they are passionate about. This will help our young people, especially girls, to understand about this fabulous industry and their place in it. I’m amazed at how well this was received and the fact that these amazing professionals were surprised and delighted to be asked. Joining the Dots Prezi & speaker notes.

My call to action “social_kick_starter”

  • Pledge 10 – 20 minute YouTube video or Skype Classroom/Google Hangout: You earn the gratitude of each child who sees it.
  • Pledge 1 hr, half a day or whole day at your local Young Rewired State (27 Jul – 3 Aug 2015): The above plus, slice of pizza & possibly ice cream (@YRSEastbourne) & everlasting gratitude of your Centre Lead

    YRSEastbourne 2014
    YRSEastbourne 2014
  • Pledge to become a Brighton Digital Festival Volunteer/Event organiser: Maybe some of the above, plus, it may be possible to find you a #BDF15 TShirt (highly desireable) or #BDF14 (less so!) TShirt from the back of the cupboard
  • Pledge to Take a Teacher to Work: My Thanks, Your teacher will be so grateful that they will name their second child after you & think of all the happy faces of potential digital creatives your teacher will inspire.