SprungDigi 2015

I’m all about learning being fun, more of it sticks and its not as painful as “educational academics” would have you think!

Myself and Jon Pratty as People in IT, were incredibly pleased to work on Sprungdigi Digital Arts Festival held in Horsham, West Sussex in mid July.

Sprungdigi is a warm and amazing project supporting Learning Disabled young people and Artists in their use of digital technology.  My Sprungdigi project name is the “Digital Duchess” and no, I don’t know everything about digital, but I’m more than happy to give it a try and to see what happens.

My mission, to create a projected media wall at the Drill Hall for the festival. A mixture of social media (using twitter fontana) following the hashtags of the day, the twitter selfie battle between @Sprungdigidee & @Sprungdigidum and views from inside the Drill Hall, outside in the streets of Horsham and at The Capitol.

I and others were blown away! My amateur meddling with a Kinect, USTREAM account, a refurbished Lenovo £50 tablet & wifi widget, produced jaw dropping results. Annalees Lim, Ruby our intern and Jon were able to broadcast live from around Horsham, straight back to the Drill Hall, allowing everyone there and at home to see the fabulous antics of the young people’s work with Natural Diversions “Rabbits” & “Aunty Digitals” and the other installations.

The highlights of our filming over 2 days are in the film above. I put this together using skills taught to me by one of my Year 7 students 2 weeks ago, when I asked him to teach his WeVideo skills to the class – Thanks Lev. Better quality highlights video.

This project must continue and roll out to further regions of the country. Its a learning project for everyone involved. So many of the creatives were from Brighton, it is always so much fun to be hanging out with the best creative and enthusiastic people in the world. Tiny name check: Exploring Senses, BlockBuilders, Lets Make, Sheep Films,Chisato Minamimura, Wesley Goatley and Natural Diversions.

Congratulations and well done Sarah Pickthall, Nick Jenkins, Annalees, Kay, Julia, Adam, Steve and the whole SprungDigi Crew. Thank you to the Funders and Sponsors; Arts Council England, Creative Assembly, Horsham District Council, People in IT Ltd,Cuspinc, Bills, The Capitol, Lighthouse and others.