Digital Education at #BDF14
1 – 7 September 2014

My first step before creating this blog entry was an online thesaurus as I’ve really over used the word “Amazing” this week.

Young robot
Hello HARR1

My Robot Companion, what an astonishing, magical and eye-opening afternoon. Hosted by Lorenza Ippolita at Fabrica, HARR1 is an intriguing blend of programming (written by Alex), hardware (motors, cameras & sensors) and creative decisions by Artists Anna Dumitriu and Alex May around how HARR1 moves and vocalises his thoughts. The audience of older people, discussed how they would feel about being assigned a robot carer. An afternoon of great interaction, ideas and straight talking. If you get an opportunity to spend an afternoon with HARR1, book immediately.

New Digital Architects ask us to consider what and in what form the evidence of our existence will be. Will our cloud back ups always be available, accessible, readable? A visit to the Media Centre will get you thinking.

Improving Reality – Visibility is a trap, unique presentations from eminent speakers gave us a lot to think about in a post Snowden, NSA world. A spectacular session from artist and composer Holly Herndon in collaboration with Metahaven closed a conference that all educators would love. I’ll be booking my tickets as soon as they are available for 2015.

I spent Friday with the SprungDigi crew at Unlimited

young disabled dancers
Diverse City “Touched”

Festival, South Bank Centre. I really enjoyed Diverse City’s “Touched” and SprungDigi’s very own Hannah in “The Awakening” from StopGap Dance Company.

Abled and disabled dancers
StopGap Dance – The Awakening

I’ve already booked my place for SprungDigi Dares You on 26 September, do not miss it.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire, a feast for the curious and creative. So much to see and do, I’m always invigorated by the young age at which new makers enthusiastically create products. The teams behind this year’s Education Commissions were rushed off their feet by young makers at Maker Club workshops and Exploring Senses, Planning & Public Architecture creative space.

The mind-blowing Audio Active showcase “FUSE

young Hip Hop artist
Audio Active: Fuse

on Saturday was a staggering, mix of music technology and acoustic sets, combining Blue Note Jazz, Grime, Hip Hop, Rap and Soul by young musicians. The sets were of professional quality and would be at home at Ronnie Scotts or Camden Jazz Cafe.

After the wonderful couple of hours with Audio Active, I was ready to try out Seb Lee-Delisle’s newest creation Laser Light Synths. Big queues and lots of Brighton Digital Festival visitors and event organisers (Hi Cici

2 women selfie
Cici & I at Seb Lee-Delisle’s Laser Light Synths

Blumstein *waves*) trying out their “musical” skills. As I got to the Synths, Seb called for solos YESSS! I performed my best imitation of Elton John, at the end faced the crowd and threw my arms up like I was on stage at Wembley Stadium. Very cool and so much fun.

Another full #BDF14 week ahead, I’m heading to BTN ETSY, Electric Biro, Managing Innovation, ASYNC-Robocode Royal Rumble, Persistent Peril vs Paul Hayes: “Dark Ride” and Augmented Reality Sculpture Workshop. See you there.

PS. As I completed spell checking, I was interrupted by a delivery of 24 RaspberryPi – a fantastic donation from the RaspberryPi Foundation for each participant of Talent Slam. Thank you so much Rachel Rayns and RaspberryPi.