Mini Hack Recipe

Great quality ingredients, enthusiastic people and fantastic hosts made for Create a small Hack event to launch a new partnership with Battle Abbey School, East Sussex.  We wanted an event to highlight the potential for BAS to be the Creative Digital & Tech Education hub in the heart of East Sussex. Huge thank you to Mozilla, Bare Conductive, Ready Salted Code, Thoughtshift, STEM Sussex, Jon Mills, Young Rewired State Eastbourne & Phil Usher Director of Learning Battle Abbey School.


Project Manager/Coordinator 







Provide 2 months organisation and coordination on part time basis.  Regular liaison with hosts, speakers and gathering resources, keeps your event on track.  Best methods for recruiting Speakers; personal networks and social media, use email for coordinating responses.

Admin tasks; venue booking 3 – 4 hours, pre order all resources three to four weeks in advance for delivery to venue.  Ensure WIFI will support tablets and smart phones used by event attendees.  Create Eventbrite page publicity websites and social media (general emails to schools do not work, must find a named person)

Health & Safety arrangements include booking in sheets/visitor logs, Risk Assessment.  Book additional laptops, extension cables and safety tape and spend time before the event ensuring they are connected to venue WIFI.

Additional enhancements:

Photographer for event – Thank you Jon Pratty

Social media build up and during event, use dedicated twitter hash tag

Advertising – hard copy flyers

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