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My latest challenge “Guide audience of peers from Zero to Hero creating Augmented Reality products in 40 minutes” – BOOM! Challenge accepted. What exactly is Augmented Reality? Who is using it? Why should I use it?

Convinced yet? No? Show the next film to your students and they will want you to do this. The project is set to run for approximately 10 weeks.  The idea for 2014; Showcasing our School. An Open Evening audience of potential parents is a great opportunity to show off student talent and cool tech! Three to four weeks getting familiar with photography equipment, smart phone voice recording apps and other resources. Resources from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, provide and encourage a creative cross curricular approach. I used the resources for Sound and Cinematography, taking approximately 1.5 lesson for each. Another three or four (students; cameras & tripods – no urgency) weeks filming, (hopefully) converting and editing footage. Students also needed to make final decisions about the launch image. Using Aurasma Studio, as the AR platform students were able to create their digital products quite quickly.  We tried out the Aurasma app during week 1 and created small 3D episodes within 2 minutes using a smart phone. The best way to manage Aurasma and student access is for you to create an account (class name) and ask students to create a “Channel” (within the main account, you hold the password) using their team name or nick name. Each channel will hold student film and trigger image. My test elements were my Windows Movie Maker film about St Leonards & Hastings seafront and trigger image, Very St Leonards brochure.

St Leonards brochure
AR trigger image

Viewing the end result on a smart phone requires the Aurasma free app download. Find the name of the channel you wish to follow: ConnectiveCulture. Hold your smartphone over or towards the trigger image and wait for the magic.

Aurasma Studio
Aurasma Studio interface

The easiest access point for trigger images will be a central notice board located in the school hall (open evening) or a subject area notice board. label the image with the channel name to help your audience. Tweet to let me know how it goes. @donnacomerford Totally forgot the small print. From the new Computing Curriculum KS3: Students should be taught to

Excited & Encouraged to: undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using, and combining multiple applications, preferably across a range of devices, to achieve challenging goals, including collecting and analysing data and meeting the needs of known users. Create, re-use, revise and re-purpose digital artefacts for a given audience, with attention to trustworthiness, design and usability. Understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy; recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct and know how to report concerns.

Information about Artcodes the smartphone code reader app is available on google play.

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