I know its early … BETT2015

I’ve just received my email notification about BETT 2015. ¬†Normally, I’d ignore it, delete it and ignore the next 10 marketing emails. However, this year everything has changed, I have Connective Culture to spread the news about. Our Artswork funded project is drawing in enthusiastic practitioners from across cultural, technology and art sectors who all have great ideas that we will explore! The showcase event “Connective Culture Exhibition” begins Saturday 20 September at Towner Gallery Eastbourne, will give everyone an opportunity¬†to visit sunny Eastbourne to share our excitement.

I’d love to talk about Connective Culture and have submitted a proposal summary for a session.

Connective Culture joins together schools, cultural organisations and the creative digital industry in Eastbourne. It aims to improve digital skills, support teachers use of new technology and create lasting synergy between all partners. Students enjoy a visit to a cultural partner and items from collections used to generate ideas. Artists and Developers provide support to students with the skills they require . A week long exhibition of digital work at The Towner Gallery is the culmination of the project. The session: presentation, a brief Skype session with students and discussion – feasibility of running similar programs in other areas/schools.

It would be cool to share with colleagues and support them to replicate in their schools.