Connective Culture

Connective Culture Project

I totally  tinyheart Tech! Friday 14 February 2014 saw the launch of Artswork and Arts Council funded digital projects for 3 clusters; Eastbourne, Margate and Oxford at Mozilla.

Towner, working with Tech Resort Eastbourne, The Keep and South Downs National Park, are developing and delivering a programme of digital practice activity with three schools; Ocklynge, Ratton and Willingdon.

We hope to inspire students by providing access to the landscape, art and information of the South Downs. Students will create new digital artworks about their environment, leading to an exhibition of work by students from all three schools taking place in September.

The programme will integrate with school life with:

  • Introductory talks about creative digital technology at assemblies
  • Sessions within the school day involving students and teachers using digital technology to explore learning with project manager
  • Twilight sessions for teachers to learn about new methods of (in curriculum and cross-curricular) teaching using digital technology
  • Introduction to the annual Young Rewired State event; Festival of Code delivered by Towner and Tech Resort.

The project commences in March, culminating in an exhibition of the work in September 2014 at Towner.  Check back for regular updates and follow the hash tag #connectiveculture on twitter.